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Welcome to my money site. I’m here to de-mystify the world of finance and make money more palatable.

Who am I?

I was born in Geneva where I spent my whole childhood and where I first became interested in economics, business and the root of all ‘evil’ – Money. I studied economics and philosophy in Frankfurt, Germany, before gaining my doctorate in London. I have since become consultant for many businesses giving advice on strategy and account planning.


It wasn’t until recently did I become shocked at the lack of financial intelligence around, not just from the general public, but from business owners and city workers. I vowed to do my bit to impart financial knowledge on the world. Enter pak-economist.com, my A-Z of finance.

I aim to add an article or report at least once a month, tackling a certain aspect of the financial world. From bookkeeping to foreign economic policy,…. it’ll all be here…

First stop, the mysterious art of bookkeeping;


The success of any business mainly depends on good cash flow and this is possible by keeping the finances well-organized. The majority of businesses, right from sole traders, small businesses to large organizations take the help of professional accounting and bookkeeping help in this regard.

An accountant deals with every financial matters of the business, and this includes making sure the procedures adopted for accounting is effective enough while the right amount of tax is paid. In addition, they supply appropriate enterprise tips in making this company a hit.
On this value, the best sales support to your enterprise is actually what on earth is required for a long-term working partnership constructing along with support them to learn about your online business and also the objectives for being accomplished.
Determine what allow you to require
There are lots of accountants intended for small establishments, from countrywide accountants along with bookkeepers to help accountants along with bookkeepers intended for single dealers. Yet again, there are some who will be skilled in a specific area while other people have many years associated with experience normally solutions. It could possibly definitely grow to be a mind-boggling experience. Yet again, there are some who will be skilled in a specific area while other people have many years associated with experience normally solutions. It could possibly definitely grow to be a mind-boggling experience.
Rather then researching aimlessly intended for accountants, it comes to fantastic be an aid to fully grasp the sort of supportyour business really needs. Ask few basic questions like:

  •  Is there a need to process your invoices and receipts?
  •  Does the accountant need to do the job of running payroll for you?
  •  Does the accountant need to work on budgets, reports and forecasts?
  •  Does the preparation of tax return is part of the accountant’s job?
  • It could turn out to be a better option to share the job between an accountant and a bookkeeper.

Accountant or bookkeeper?

If your accounting job is simple, a bookkeeper will be the right solution for you. You can expect to save money as well. If it is tracking transactions like payments, sales and payments, without any need for other financial or accountancy services, a bookkeeper is enough to do the job.

Right, take a break…..bookkeeping 101 anyone??

However, accountant can complement the work of a bookkeeper as follows:
-Payroll if you have employees (HB)
-Producing documentation
-Making changes in company structure
-Applying for a bank loan, and much more.

Choosing the right help

The moment the amount of aid essential for your business will be obvious, you can go ahead using choosing your current accountant as well as bookkeeper. Within this respect, inquiring your business contacts with regard to referrals happenshandy.

There are many professional bodies to check with

· The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

· The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

· The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

You can make a shortlist of accountants having the necessary skills required for your business and interview them individually for zeroing in the best fit for your business accountancy and bookkeeping services. Some questions to asked for:

-Have they worked with similar kind of businesses as yours?
-What other companies do they work for?
-if it is an accountant firm, will it be some specific person of the firm to work with?
-Are they easy with accounting software being used by the company?
-Do they have an understanding of your kind of business?
-How do they charge? Is it on hourly basis or a flat fee?

However, one can opt for Outsource bookkeeping. You cannot only lessen your running expenses around 50 percentage which may absolutely present you with larger income, however, you in addition find the opportunity to give attention to different every bit as crucial enterprise issues all day long. Freelancing bookkeeping will be unquestionably the correct choice regarding businesses throughout the world.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping?

Essentially, Outsource means subcontract, so it means distant out of your business’s proven business office. These people are employed, and therefore are estimated to stay your place of work frequently. In the event you prefer to select outsource bookkeeping, you limit this manpower you might have and yet you get the same companies recommended simply by these kind of conventional bookkeepers, also you additionally reach limit all the charges in connection with having these kind of bookkeepers around, including the training costs. It is like letting someone have the accounting or payroll department of your business.

It is important that the accountant you hire has the necessary qualification and is recognized, having chartered’ or certified’ word in the title they use. They must have the professional indemnity insurance to get the necessary protection if a problem really arises with the accounting work they do.